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Marble is a defoliated metamorphic rock that forms through the metamorphism of limestone. It has a greater number of potential uses. Bhandari Marble Group which provides best white marble for the residential and commercial area at best price in India. Explore the complete range of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP of Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Marble Tiles and Onyx Marble at lowest price.


Marble is hypoallergenic – Hypoallergenic means the substances or elements which is very less likely to cause allergic reactions. Marble patterns are one of a kind – Every piece of Marble is unique. There can be no two pieces of Marble which are exactly 100% matching. Since it’s a metamorphic rock, it means that it has been formed by collecting mixtures of different kinds of stones like limestone and dolomite and over long years in intense pressure. This causes random changes in patterns that emerge in different Marbles.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of re-crystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically defoliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term “marble” refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stone masonry more broadly encompasses Metamorphosed limestone


Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. Indian Marble is available in all types of size , color and texture only at Bhandari Marble Group with best quality and best price.


Imported marbles is one of the best marble, it’s oldest and best quality imported marble. Imported marble excellent features just like fine finish, smooth polish, and aesthetic look make its demand in the market.


The Italian marble that we offer is widely appreciated for providing high lustre and visual appeal to the area. These marbles inlay the floors, walls, rooms in a wonderful way. This beige Italian marble is widely demanded in offices, multinational companies, schools, hotels, and other industries because of their riotous appearance, long lasting lustre, and wear resistance. This Italian marble is available in various sizes, designs, and patterns.


White marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white color adds elegance and create serenity in the atmosphere. It also gives a feel of wider space. You can try the white marble for flooring and for wall cladding as well. Else you can try mixing white marble with other marbles or  any other building materials for a different yet pretty look. The range of white marble we have is best in the industry and pocket friendly as well.





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  • Our priority is to give you total satisfaction with our natural stones.
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We are well known or most famous for quality, quantity, and finishing of natural stone. Since 1631 we have come to this field. People call us the pioneer company of marble field. We have the great collection of Indian Marble and Kishangarh Marble, Granite, Sandstone with the great and latest cutting and finishing tools for Marble Stone.

We have the fully experienced team for cutting, finishing and supplying the marble stone with the latest technologies.






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