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PRECIOUS MARBLE, BEST MARBLE, TOP MARBLE, QUALITY MARBLE BY D.C.BHANDARI Best quality with quantity The most precious and expensive marbles, granites and natural stones in the world. Cozy & Charming Natural stone is a sublime material. When it transpires in its most precious...

Italian Marble

BhandariMarbleGroup Marble Imported marble BhandariMarbleGroup Onyx Marble BhandariMarbleGroup OnyxmarbleinIndia BhandariMarbleGroup ItalianMarble BhandariMarbleGroup KishangarhMarble BhandariMarbleGroup StatuarioMarble BhandariMarbleGroup Italian marble: Widely appreciated for...


WE HOUSE THE BEAUTY OF REAL ONYX: Buy Onyx in India at affordable prices at Bhandari Marble Group: Onyx marble is a different and exotic stone which gives a beautiful and breath-taking impression. It gives royal and stunning appearance when it is used in flooring and other...
Italian Marble

Italian Marble – Known For It’s Beauty

ITALIAN MARBLE – Known For It’s Natural Beauty Italian Marble available in full range with Bhandari Marble Group. We are leading Importer of Italian marble blocks from Italy. We Import Blocks and process at our state of the art plant in Udaipur. Italian marble are popular...


BEST MARBLE AND GRANITE: FEATURED PRODUCT- ONYX COUNTERTOP: If you are looking for a natural stone countertop but want something that is unique and rare, onyx may be the perfect option for you. As such, you want to ensure it is ideal for your space before you install it. Here are...
Indian / Italian marble

Indian vs Italian Marble: What Works Best For Your Home

Indian vs Italian Marble: What Works Best For Your Home BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP When it comes to marble, you have two options that are immensely popular in Indian homes. Both Indian marble and Italian marble are amazing choices for your flooring or surface top needs. But how do you...
fine quality stone

Fine Quality Stone Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Fine Quality Stone Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter- Bhandari Marble Group Best White Marble/Bhandarimarblegroup, Flawless White Marble/Bhandarimarblegroup, Full White Marble/Bhandarimarblegroup, Pure White Marble/Bhandarimarblegroup, Italian White Marble/Bhandarimarblegroup,...
Onyx Marble

Onyx Marble – Marble Perfectionist

Onyx Marble – Marble Perfectionist Bhandari Marble Group We are a dealer, supplier, and manufacture of Onyx Marble. We can give you the best price of Onyx. onyx marble handicrafts, onyx marble Toronto, onyx marble Japan. We deal in Onyx marble, Onyx marble tiles, Onyx floor...
marble stone

Marble Stone

How Many Types of Marble Are There? Marble comes in a variety of colors and many have different qualities, such as the amount of veining, etc. This being said, there are 500 main kinds of marble available at Bhandari marble group that are widely used or regarded in the world....

Stones of India – Indian Marble v/s Italian Marble

Bhandari Marble The Pioneer Group of Marble, Granite and Natural Stone in India Since 1631 Stones of India: Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest and largest manufacture, supplier and exporter of marble, Italian Marble, Indian Marble, Imported marble, granite, sandstone, Limestone...
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