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What Is Granite
Granite is an intrusive igneous rock with large grains (minerals) easily seen by the naked eye. Granite colors are most commonly pink, white, variations of grey and black. However, it’s important to note that some stones marketed as black ‘granite’ are in fact likely gabbros as granite must contain at least 20% quartz within a rock to make it granite. Granite is one of the most commonly known types of rocks, used in everything from buildings to sculptures. It has been used for thousands of years and is regarded as a symbol of status, strength, and durability.

Granite Stone
Granite is typical of a larger family of granitic rocks that are composed mostly of coarse-grained quartz and feldspars in varying proportions. These rocks are classified by the relative percentages of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase with true granite representing granitic rocks rich in quartz and alkali feldspar. Most granitic rocks also contain mica or amphibole minerals, though a few contain almost no dark minerals. The specimen above is a typical granite. It is about two inches across. The grain size is coarse enough to allow recognition of the major minerals with the unaided eye or with the help of a hand lens. The pink grains are orthoclase feldspar, and the clear to smoky grains are quartz or muscovite. The black grains can be biotitic or hornblende. Numerous other minerals can be present in granite.Granite By Bhandari Marble Group | Bhandari Marble Group

Granite in the Continental Crust
The best way to prevent this is to go through a reputable supplier that only buys first-quality material, which means they will not be doctored in any way. It is important to view the slabs in person and not purchase based on price alone. Introductory geology textbooks report that granite is the most abundant rock in the continental crust. At the surface, granite is exposed in the cores of many mountain ranges, within large areas known as “batholiths,” and in the core areas of continents known as “shields.” The large mineral crystals in granite are evidence that they cooled slowly from the molten rock material. That slow cooling had to have occurred beneath Earth’s surface and required a long period of time to occur. If these granites are exposed at the surface today, the only way that could have happened is if the granite rocks were uplifted and the overlying rocks were eroded.Granite By Bhandari Marble Group | Bhandari Marble Group

Black Granite
Black Granites from India such as Absolute Black, Absolute Black Premium, and Absolute Black Super Premium, are all first-quality, dense black granites, not dyed or oiled. Galaxy Black has an extremely dense black background with bright reflectors. The gold specks are due to the presence of Bronzite. This is very important to view in person so you can see the quality of the black to make sure it was not dyed. Take a clean white cloth with acetone on it, and wipe the stone to see if any residue comes off. Take MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketene) and apply to a different section. If there is any color transfer, the stone is dyed. Granite slabs are one of the most popular natural stones used by property owners worldwide. Among all, black granites are leading the trend with their natural black beauty and elegance. The granite is popular for its strength, durability, and look that remains unmatched in the world of natural stones. The aesthetics by the addition of black granite to your home decor or exteriors simply stands out in the crowd. The range of patterns and swirls of black and white on this granite are not as much as other natural stones yet it tends to produce a style statement that is modern, unique, and luxurious.Perfect Granite Combination!!! | Bhandari Marble World

Granite Price
A huge number of homeowners use fancy black granite to give a striking look, especially for their kitchens and bathrooms. Even if you are just remodeling your kitchen, the incorporation of black granite can endow the space with a novel look. The properties of black granite are the same or even better (in some cases) than other granite variants. The stone is resistant to water and heat and requires very little maintenance. It is easy to sanitize by just cleaning it with soapy water. Hence, no matter which project it is chosen, the stone stands the test of time, even in freezing temperatures.Granite By Bhandari Marble Group | Bhandari Marble Group

White Granite
White granite is a top-notch selection for any place and offers a variety of advantages. When considering this stone. Keep in mind there are lively veining and flecks of color that lend distinction and character. White granite is hardly ever just plain white. Ultimately, this is an optimal choice to incorporate into your home with countless benefits. The stunning beauty of white granites can increase the value of your home since it’s practical and provides a transformative timeless quality to any room. Granite, on the whole, is an ideal surface, since it’s not susceptible to scratches and can withstand heat. Naturally, this is top of mind for any homeownerGRANITE BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP | Best Italian Marble

We offer white granites range in rectangle and square shape slabs that can conveniently fit into space as per individual interests. There are different types of white stone available around the world. But we offer three of the most lovable options of all. A wide range of well-crafted White Granites is present at our showroom. The White Granites is well known for its intricate natural designs and White pattern and needs minimum maintenance. The White Granites are used for different flooring applications. Additionally, it is a better choice than other stones as it stands strong in sunlight, dust, and water without any deterioration to its quality as well as looks.Granite – Bhandari Marble Group | Bhandari Marble can be decor Your Home

Types of Granite
The relative proportion of different colored minerals in granite is largely due to the original source of molten rock that cooled to form the granite. If the molten rock was abundant in potassium feldspar, the granite is more likely to take on a salmon pink color. On the other hand, if the molten rock is abundant in quartz and minerals that make up amphibole, you will likely get black and white speckled granite commonly seen on countertops. The combination of the minerals above makes up most of the colors we typically see in granite. Now, let’s break down the distance types of granite and a quick overview of what gives them their color.Natural Stone-Granite | Best Italian Marble

What Is Granite?
Granite is a light-colored igneous rock, coarse-grained. This natural stone consists mainly of quartz and feldspars with some amounts of amphibole minerals and mica. It is harder than marble and has visible grains. People from the granite industry who fabricate, sell and purchase cut stone slabs for further use call this natural stone simply ”granite”. The industry calls stones like basalt, gneiss, diabase, monzonite, gabbro, pegmatite, syenite, schist, anorthosite, granodiorite, diorite, and many other rocks, simply “granite.”Latest Granite Range | Bhandari Marble World

Colors of Granite
• White
• Black
• Brown
• Blue
• Green
• Grey
• Pink
• Red and so onMARBLE V/S GRANITE V/S STONE IN INDIA BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP INDIA  RAJASTHAN KISHANGARH | Bhandari Marble Group | Granite tile, Marble granite,  Granite colors

Nowadays Granite becomes the material of choice for homeowners for remodeling their houses, kitchen, and many more. Being an Emerged Marble Manufacturer and Exporter here we are going to introduce you to the Granite and its Properties for all the homeowners in order to choose the right kind of material for their application.
So here is the complete guide on the introduction of granite and its characteristics, its specification, and its uses that will help to satisfy your curiosity while choosing the material for your home Space. Granite is a natural stone that is formed under extreme heat and pressure.
It has one more advantage over the other natural stones its color not gets fade under sun exposure. Granite has the property of high durability so can be utilized as a part of counters, washrooms, backsplashes, or floors. granite slabs and tiles are used to make the kitchen countertops, tile floors, stairs, and many other design products.GRANITE- THE SUPER STONE! | Best Italian Marble

Varieties of Granite
If you are looking for a tough and high-efficiency tile to give the stylish look to your design space, then you can go for granite. This stone comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns in the form of slabs to make it adjustable to any space. Here is the variety of Granite that can help you with your granite countertop needs.GRANITE V/S MARBLE & OTHER NATURAL STONE BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP | Bhandari  Marble Group



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