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The beauty of White Carrara Marble Bhandari marble group India 🇮🇳

The power of Carrara white marble

Carrara White Marble can transform any space. The safe tone lends a generous, pristine, and distinctive palatial touch that can uplift the elegance of your interiors. The stylish finish, unmatchable durability, strength, texture, and patterns of marble make it the finest natural stone of all time.
White Carrara marble represents beauty, purity, and peace. Preferred by architects for use on floors and walls, white Carrara marble is a timeless luxury statement. The grandeur, finesse, and quality of white marble stand uncomparable, forever.

White marble is effortless

White marble is effortless and empowers a sense of style and sophistication when used as flooring, countertops, wall cladding, or on the staircase. To build a luxurious and elegant space in your home, hotel, and office, Bhandari Marble Group Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario, Indian, and Kishangarh marble have been an all-time favorite of principal architects and interior designers. White Carrara marble accent spaces and highlights interiors, from columns and panels to window sills and table tops.

Marble finishes that provide character to a home

White Carrara marble spells more than slender luxury and grandeur. It has been popular for centuries for its natural strength and illumination that stand the test of time. Marble floors and tiles come in honed, polished, glossy, tumbled, or brushed finishes, and each finish lends a distinguished character to a home.
While polished white Carrara marble is a good fit in contemporary and traditional settings, honed marble has a classical charm. Tumbled marble provides a better grip and is thus a good fit for bathroom and kitchen floors. A brushed finish has a warm touch that lends a space an ancient look.

Invest wisely

White Carrara marble, one of the hardest substances on earth, is impacted by heat, collision, and shifting weight that can cause natural cleavage and cracks. These hairline cracks expand over time, causing structural problems and anxiety. While a cleavage does add to the beauty of the stone and marble, it also weakens them from within.
Bhandari Marble Group has invested in technology designed to increase the durability and longevity of white Carrara marble pieces.
With the world’s most advanced resin line machine and the highest quality materials like Italian bond resin, the viscosity of water penetrates deep into the finest cleavage and pores and seals them.

True to its shine

The most important aspect of Carrara white marble is its shine. People invest in its care, and scrupulous cleaning of the surface to keep it untouched. However, Bhandari Marble Group’s proprietary technology has been designed to keep marble maintenance-free.
Choose from an array of over 500 natural marble stones responsibly sourced from Italy, Spain, Greece, Brazil, and Turkey. A well-placed stone on your floor adds to the aesthetic of your space. The layer shines forever.
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About the Author Hi, I am D.C. Bhandari, chairman of Bhandari Marble Group living in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. I love seeing the new and creative ways people use our Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone. Our customers are so creative. My favorite design style preppy traditional mix with modern especially pieces that can be found at a vintage or antique stone. I like to invent travel, search, experiment with natural stone products. For more posts visit our website.

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