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Marble : And its types with unique features


A symbol of civilization, marble flooring, and marble interiors in your home or office are a luxury that few have. This natural marble stone is one of the most adaptable stones globally. So if you are a fan of marble’s beauty and high-quality appeal, we are here to give you a perception of the different types of marble.

Types Of  White Marble

This is the best option with special value because of how elevated and pure it looks. But because of its white color, the discoloration on it is quite certainly visible.

Though sometimes, imperfections are what make something pretty, right? For example, the moon has hollow but we don’t complain.

Carrara Marble

Now it is officially called Blanco Carrara, it’s usually available in a whitish-grey color. It’s a popular choice for fireplaces, bathroom walls, stairs, and in the kitchen.

Its layers are thin and feathery and that makes it unique. It’s one of the most popular marble types used in making countertops, especially modern-style kitchen countertops. It’s named after a place in Italy in the Alpine region and is considered to be a symbol of quality and dissimilarity.

Calacatta Marble

This is another of the exceptionally popular kinds of marble on the market. You can identify it by the cracked pattern and grey layer which make each piece unique. It’s a premium quality stone and is much rarer than the Carrara marble.

Mystery White Marble

This marble is pure and smooth in color which makes it a great choice for those who want an undimmed stone to brighten a particular space. The layer of the mystery white marble doesn’t offer as much contrast as the other white marble and it has a soft consummate.

It’s basically white solid marble which promises to make any space look quite sophisticated. Mystery white marble is often a preferred choice for bathroom countertops and ornament.

Bianco Lasa

This beautiful marble is subdued and calm, comprised mostly of a grey base but features thin darker grey veins and particles throughout. While the artery defines the type, the sub-types are defined by their diversified levels of grey in the base coloring.

Everyone knows this marble type whether they understand it or not. It was used in Buonarroti’s sculpture of David and widely used throughout the Baroque and Renaissance periods.

White Himalaya Marble

In spite of its name, the white Himalaya marble actually comes from Greece. It’s similar to the Carrara marble but it has a wide range of colors in it.

Don’t be surprised if you find strokes of brown, grey, blue, and even purple against a white background. It’s a preferred choice for flooring, especially in the kitchen, and bathroom around a bathtub.


Lilac Marble

Though you could call the base of this immaculate marble white, it’s more of an off-white with hints of grey. It has a very prominent layer that has colors as dark as black and ranges into the purple spectrum.

Thassos White

These dolomite marble varieties are named based on the island of Thassos in Greece which was known for having white housing structures and white beach sands. Salieri beach is even called Marble Beach.

This marble is so white that it’s almost purely white with no blemishes, particles, or veins observable. It’s quite a sight to see, though the effect can be sweeping much more cheaply with non-marble materials.

Statuario Marble

This is a bit darker than the other options and also comes from Italy. You can identify it by the gray layer across a light grey background.

The name comes from the fact that it was very popular among carvers who were into carving. It is a preferred choice for countertops of many kinds and also many types of marble.

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