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Natural stone floor design trends in 2023

Natural stone floor design trends in 2023

Natural Stone For Kitchen Flooring :

Will there be a comprehensive change in kitchen designs? The short answer is no, but things are changing toward a warmer, cheerful feel.

First, the all-white kitchen with white Carrara marble countertops is out. This design has been around for a while now and it’s been exaggerated and lacks creativity. The infertile, ultra-modern look has been replaced with gray, blue, white, and green cabinets. Instead of using tile for backsplashes, we can now use a thin piece of natural stone as a centerpiece. One that is neutral in color and fixture the countertops.


The lighting is bold and magnifies the natural stone. No more fastidious lighting. Another thing that is making its way out is the black hardware and faucets. Think of the color of the cabinets, i.e., a beautiful cerulean blue, or violet-green. Black no longer works with these colors.

For many years, we wanted open kitchens. Since most families spend so much time in the kitchen, there is generally, to some degree, material lying around or dishes that need to be cleaned and put away. In 2023, you will see more separation and walled-off kitchens. It advances itself to a warmer, more private atmosphere.

You will start to see all the small machines that are left out on countertops start to disappear into drawers when they are not in use.  Coffee makers, can openers, juicers, French presses, and so on, Despite the fact of being more expensive, flushed drawers will overtake cabinets by a long shot.  Pulling small machines out of a drawer is so much easier. You will also notice microwave ovens disappearing from above the stove, leaving a larger outlet and less of an eyesore.

You will also notice that the popular Farmhouse kitchens will start to vanish. This happens when it becomes overdone and commonplace in the interior design world. During Covid lockdowns, all-white kitchens seemed very clean and childless, but we have moved away from that toward something more creative, innovative, colorful, and engaging.

Large Flagstone Flooring Trend

The first trend we are seeing for 2023 has to be large flagstone natural stone! For centuries, estates and country homes have used flagstone flooring (natural stone piece), thanks to their durable characteristics and classic appearance that have stood the test of time. Now more than ever, people are deficient to create this timeless look in their kitchens by choosing large-format flagstones. Most commonly, the ‘free length’ or ‘random length’ natural stone size is choose for, by which the widths are fixed (usually 500mm or 600mm) and then lengths are a random selection differ upwards to 1000mm.

Dijon Limestone

We have been bring in this natural stone for over 20 years and there are a whole host of reasons why this versatile tile remains an on-current kitchen flooring option! Dijon is a neutral-toned limestone tile that complements an array of color schemes with its soft beige and light grey hues. The minerals, fossils and calcite smear evident in this limestone tile make it a forgiving and classic choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Grey Limestone Kitchen Natural Stone

Grey is a color that has come and gone all over the years – in contrast warmer tones are also popular options, there is something so definitive about a grey limestone tile and this is why we’ve added it to our top kitchen flooring trends for 2023! Whether it’s a soft neutral grey or a rich grey with variation from stone to stone, the beauty of limestone is that no two stones are ever the same.

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