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Granite Vs Marble & other stone by Bhandari Marble Group


Extensively used for architectural purposes under big as well as small projects, our products are available in various sizes and designs. Our large assortment of Marble Flooring includes various qualities of Indian Marble, Italian Marble & Other. Marble and granite are both beautiful, highly sought-after surfacing materials. The biggest difference between granite and marble is their porosity. Basically, marble is softer and more porous than granite with few exceptions like marble from BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Kishangarh Rajasthan India.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Granite and marble are materials that come directly from the earth. Although marble and granite have similarities, they also have significant differences. When choosing countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, granite and marble surfaces are popular choices. They are natural stones — unlike, say, engineered quartz stone.


If you can’t decide between granite and marble for your countertops, take a look at this list of differences to help you choose the material that’s right for your needs. The Bhandari Marble and Granite are one of the best and largest supplier for the UK, USA, UAE, and India Mainly wholesalers of natural stone slabs. All of our materials have been expertly selected to provide you with the very best quality surface materials for your home villa hotels office Projects etc. Marble & Granite Supply of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Kishangarh Rajasthan India Mainly is the Midwest leading Marble and Granite supplier, for wholesale natural stone slabs or tiles, porcelain and mosaics call +91 972941111

Bhandari Marble & Granite is the leading provider of stone materials in UK, USA, UAE INDIA, PA, NJ, and DE, supplying the strongest and most beautiful stones for your spaces. Your best choice for quality custom surfaces. Select from our stunning marble, elegant limestone, timeless granite, and much, much more.

We Are Talking About Soapstone

Soapstone is quite soft, making it a favorite material for the homeowner for use as countertops. It is also non-porous so there is no need to seal it. Many prefer the look of soapstone to be darker so apply mineral oil to achieve an instant patina ( Like granite, it is highly resistant to acids and bases so it’s okay if you spill a glass of wine or leave cut lemons on the countertop overnight. Because it is soft, it is also likely to get scratches and dings over the years. These can be buffed out with regular maintenance.

Natural Look of Slate

Slate slabs are generally small compared to marble and granite so more seams will be necessary to complete a kitchen project. In fact, many slate quarries are limited to tile production because of the sizes of usable material that exists. Most slate is quite porous and combined with its natural cleft layers, make its use in outdoor and wet applications such as showers tricky, so be sure to do your homework before making this decision. On a more positive note, slate is very resistant to chemicals, so in an indoor kitchen setting it can perform quite well. Though you may experience some flaking or chip away at the layers

Onyx the Beauty with Transparency

Onyx is not a good option for most countertops, but it does make for a beautiful backsplash. Its beauty and translucence make it appealing, but still not practical. It is vulnerable to acids and bases, which will react with the minerals in onyx to create a chemical reaction- basically eating away at the countertop. Onyx is also quite brittle and will chip and crack easily. You might have noticed the onyx used in celebrity chef Emeril’s kitchen set. Be sure to make note that it is not on the surface, and only used for aesthetics on the front panels

Strong Limestone

Limestone and travertine will etch when exposed to the acids and bases present in many cleaning products and common kitchen ingredients such as vinegar, bleach, citrus, and wine. When a quality sealer is used, the countertop will be affected by non-pH-balanced substances since the sealer sits just below the surface. These stones are less dense than marble and granite so they will also be more porous and require more sealer to prevent the absorption of liquids. Limestone and Travertine are common and perform well as a backsplash. The classic old-world look they achieve is a nice complement to more traditional countertop


Marble has been a popular trend in kitchen countertops for the past several years. If you compare performance characteristics in a kitchen environment, granite is the better choice. However, because of its subtle veining and aesthetic appeal, many are choosing marble. The main difference is that granite and marble are made of different minerals that perform differently in regards to chemical resistance and hardness. Marble will etch when exposed to acids and bases. Marble will also scratch more easily since it scores a four on Mohs scale of hardness versus granite’s rating of seven. Some people assume that if marble is sealed, these tendencies will disappear but that is not actually the case. Most installers will use an impregnating sealer that sits just below the surface of the marble. Therefore, the surface is still susceptible to these occurrences.

If you want to consider using marble in your kitchen you must set the proper expectation for its performance. It will look the same years from now as it did the day it was first installed. It will etch and scratch, we call this a patina and many consider it a thing of beauty. Yes, you can resurface the marble countertops to restore it to its original luster but this is a messy and expensive project. It is hard to duplicate the polish on areas that have been affected so you will usually need to do the whole thing


Granite and quartzite have very similar performance statistics. Quartzite is generally harder and denser and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. Supply and demand have driven the price of quartzite up, so expect to pay a little more and have fewer color options than with granite. Don’t confuse quartzite with manufactured Quartz Surfacing.


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