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Calacatta is a white marble of incredible beauty that appears to have been naturally decorated with special grey veins. A spectacular material that will place the spotlight on floors, walls or countertops.

If there is one Natural Stone cladding that attracts us with its beauty and magic, it is white marble. And within this wide-ranging category, the different marbles exhibit greatly varied nuances. Calacatta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Its marked grey veins, which display different hues and color gradations, give it its indisputable personality, which is capable of attracting every gaze wherever it is installed, whether on a floor or on a wall. An essential, unique stone, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where a pure and clean appearance is sought but also very elegant in other types of spaces. Furthermore, Calacatta is a hard and resilient marble, delicate only in appearance.


Marble comes in different textures, thus adapting to the different currents in interior design and architecture.


This is the most characteristic finish, achieving an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror.


This finish gives the stone greater character and prominence when laid. It reflects the light, but with lower reflection. The surface is smooth.


A special treatment gives it a texture that enhances the natural properties of the stone and the aesthetic force of its seams. The surface is somewhat irregular.

Bush Hammered

Thanks to this finish, the resulting product has a rough effect and a rugged touch, perfect for making this product more resilient in exteriors.

All marble is not the same, no matter what some inexperienced marble dealers out there might try and say about it. Calacatta marble is highly sought after for many reasons. One of these reasons being the fact that Calacatta has been used in some of the most famous buildings throughout history – castles, and cathedrals, mostly.

A reason for this is because Calacatta marble is whiter than most marbles on the market, so contractors and homeowners often associate it with high-end luxury. Calacatta marble is characterized by its deep white color and thick, elegant veins that come in a variety of colors, anything from beige to regal gold. Continue reading and don’t be confused over marble slabs again. Finally, get the real story behind luxurious Calacatta marble.


This natural stone comes from the plentiful quarries in the mountains of Carrara, Italy. For this reason, Calacatta is so often confused with Carrara marble, but just know, these two stones are not the same despite their abundant similarities. They are both white marble made of mostly the same materials and an almost indistinguishable geological formation. The differences are subtle, but they are there, especially to a trained eye. Generally speaking, Carrara is a deeper gray with much softer veining, while Calacatta skews whiter with thick, substantial veining.

Calacatta still comes from Italy today, along with a large portion of the rest of the world’s marble. It has been used for sculptures and other beautiful buildings since before the time of Michelangelo (it was said to be his favorite stone to work with), who is often associated with working with this beautiful natural stone.

Elegant Look

Calacatta marble’s elegant look is truly what keeps service professionals and homeowners coming back year after year, as the rich white and gold details are impossible to match. Carrara marble tends to have softer veins, and usually can’t match the dramatic veins of Calacatta marble. The bright white comes with veins in several different colors, suitable to most homeowners.

Calacatta is widely used for bathrooms and in kitchens, although be careful when using them for countertops, as they are porous and a bit sensitive in nature. It’s a classic, timeless look for any room really, and the stunning veining is unmatched.


As mentioned above, Calacatta marble is a mainstay in luxurious bathrooms and has been for quite some time. When done well, this natural stone can be a major highlight, taking a boring bathroom to a supremely stylish one. Wherever you use this stone, you are going to want to make sure it’s in a highly visible area – don’t waste the beauty! Wherever a bit of elegance is required, Calacatta should be there displayed prominently.

We often see Calacatta marble used heavily in the bathroom, for kitchen countertops (careful), and for vibrant backsplashes. Modern luxury homes love to use Calacatta as kitchen countertops, so just be sure to have them sealed correctly and regularly, as you’ll want to protect your investment. They also work well in offices and boardrooms; really almost anywhere you’re trying to project a sense of class and luxury.

Also, as a backsplash, they can really be a great detail, not overwhelming but very tasteful. Just be sure you’re getting the real stuff, as some people call any Statuario marble “Calacatta”, but true Calacatta is going to be whiter, and in turn, more expensive. That’s why it is always important to get your natural stone slabs from the most reputable dealer you can find, a dealer with plenty of experience in the unique marble slab market.

Remember, Calacatta marble looks great on any surface or room, but when used in the kitchen it comes with some maintenance responsibilities. The deep richness of the white ensures most of the stains that set on this porous material are going to be quite visible if not tended to.


Fantastic looking marble isn’t exactly cheap, and there is a reason for that – it’s a timeless classic. From traditional to modern, a great slab of Calacatta marble can be mixed in with virtually any home décor. And, Calacatta marble is going to set you back more than most marble, as it is considered a bit more high end and rare, so there will always be somewhat of a premium on this natural stone.

In many cases, you’re going to pay double what you would for similar marbles such as Carrara, and the price tag may go as high as north of $250 per square foot. Naturally, these prices are all going to change and vary depending on the slab supplier you choose, but think of these prices as an estimate, a starting point. Calacatta is a serious investment for your home or business, which is all the more reason to put your trust in good, reliable natural stone suppliers.

Calacatta marble has been one of the most desired stones throughout history, and now you should know a bit more about why this elegant slab is so sought after. From world-famous builders to everyday architects, the list of Calacatta marble fans is a long and impressive one.

Lastly, consider it for your next building or home renovation project now that you know a bit more about it and how to use it. You’ll be receiving compliments about your new natural stone for years to come.


Authentic and naturally textured for your commercial and residential projects. Suitable for flooring and cladding systems can be combined with light brown colors and other forms of Delta Stone Collection products such as mosaics, moldings, etc.
Available Sizes

Our factory can produce different sizes of tiles and different thicknesses as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm regarding your project’s requirements. Common slabs thicknesses are 2cm and 3cm.

Common imperial sizes are:

12×12, 12×18, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, 18×18, 24×24, 24×36, 32×32, 36×36, 40x40inch…

Common metric sizes are:

30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80, 60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100x100cm

Even we have the latest technological equipment, we always advice suitable thicknesses considering materials hardness and usage. Please ask for available sizes regarding colors.

Calacatta Marble

Generally, Calacatta marble countertops have a bright white background with large, bold, gray veining. This ‘whiter than white’ appearance is one reason that this stone is often associated with luxury. The pattern is typically larger and thicker than that of Carrara marble. Even though Calacatta marble, is, of course, white, dramatic effects can still be created when using this material in waterfall countertops, vanity countertops, and fireplace surround applications.

Best Italian Marble – Calacatta Marble

By D.C. Bhandari, MD, Best Italian Marble

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