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Bhandari Marble Group’s Marble, Granite, and Stones are considered a luxurious option when it comes to the decoration of homes, buildings. The earthy appearance, natural beauty, and environmental friendliness make these products the perfect choice that can be used for adorning both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Out of all the stones, marble is at the top. It is the most marvelous stone that has been used extensively by architects, and designers throughout the history of human civilization. This is renowned for its glimmering looks and its ability to make any living space look ten times more aesthetically pleasing. As it is considered the king of luxury, it also comes with a reasonable price tag.

Marble is found in quarries from where it is transported to factories in order to innovate products such as tiles, slabs, and mosaics. Marble has a large variety of lovely and tones with various veining designs and intensities. These products available in markets are found in perfect finishes out of which polished is the most preferred one as it increases the refractive features of marble. The reality is that marble isn’t expensive just because it is a luxury item; it is a luxury product because of its premium quality. Bhandari Marble Group is the biggest exporter of marble. Our quarries are rich in producing marbles and other natural stones, and We have some of the biggest quarries. Our marbles are known for their perfect and best quality.


Granite is an exquisite stone that is formed through a metamorphosis under Earth’s high pressure. Many underlying chemicals and impurities give these Granite an elegant look and color while the stones give them a strength that can sustain for centuries. Countless quarries around the world produce Granite. Some of the world’s top monuments have been carved from different types of stones, and this is the reason why Granite is in huge demand across nations. Granite is the epitome of fabulousness and magnificence. This visually astonishing stone is perfect for those who have aristocratic taste. The vein of this Granite look striking and add an old-money vibe to their spaces of installation. It is impeccable in appearance and can be paired with marble for a voguish result.

Natural Stone durability, purity, and beauty. It’s synonymous with luxury, beauty, and sophistication and is seen as a symbol of status in residential and commercial purposes around the world. It is for people who prefer to own the best things in life. One thing which affects a lot of people is the difference in prices of Natural Stone. The common perception is that Natural Stone is not very expensive simply though it is a prestige item. Natural Stone is ideal for those homeowners who want to add a subtle touch of lavishness to their homes. This Natural Stone has delicate veining with the most consistent unique background. Natural Stone can look amazing in any minimalist design patterns. This stone type has a less is more vibe to it which is why it is recommended for all kinds of simple yet beautiful designs.


The reason Bhandari Marble Group’s Marble, Granite, and Stones is considered superior is due to the stone working heritage of the people. They were pioneers in perfecting quarrying techniques in ancient times, many of which are still used today. The ancient people are considered purveyors of quality in many fields including fashion, and natural stone like marble! They set qualitative standards for quality control and are considered experts when it comes to cutting and carving natural stone.


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About the Author Hi, I am D.C. Bhandari, chairman of Bhandari Marble Group living in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. I love seeing the new and creative ways people use our Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone. Our customers are so creative. My favorite design style preppy traditional mix with modern especially pieces that can be found at a vintage or antique stone. I like to invent travel, search, experiment with natural stone products. For more posts visit our website.

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