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Planning the exterior elevation of a home is as important as its interiors. A lot of thought must be given before choosing exterior elevation designs and patterns that add value to the house. Architects rely on two major strategies when planning the exterior elevation of a house. These are- the floor plan and the front elevation. While keeping these two strategies in mind, they choose appropriate tile options that give a boost to the exterior elevation of a property.

Stone Tiles are the best building materials that inspire creativity and imagination. It is available in an eclectic range of colors, sizes, and patterns providing beautiful finishes and durable surfaces to the exteriors. Choosing  Tiles that bring out the best in your home.


Elevation stone tiles are known for their long-lasting appeal. Installing them on your exterior wall adds a royal touch to the area and increases style and elegance. Explore the different colored and magnificently designed world of stone wall tiles and make a timeless work of art on your exterior wall. An impressive range of stone exterior elevation tile options and add splendor to the area. Guests visiting your house are sure to be with the remarkable finesse of your home elevation and will be suitably impressed with your sense of style and design patterns.

Random Pattern Tiles- If you are looking for something very creative and interesting, lookout high in quality random pattern tiles. You can form non-repeating and magical designs on your home exterior. It successfully created an unexpected impact. Besides these most commonly used tiles for exterior elevation, many other different tile options can be used. Since these tiles are going to make your humble look gain a unique character, it is imperative to make an innovative and thought choice.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made under the oceans. It is made up of sand mineral particles. This natural stone is very tough and resistant to weathering. It is a famous building and construction material from the earliest times.

The Sandstone usually forms where sand is buried. For instance. The sand grains in sandstone give information about the past times such as the kind of countryside that manufactures the sand or how far they were transported. 


Sandstone may have a huge range of colors from nearly white to nearly black, gray, or red. As a building stone, sandstone is full of character. This type of natural stone is also used for cladding facades and interiors.

Sandstone is known for its natural strength and durability. This stone withstands the harshest climates, increasing in value and fantastic appeal over time. The White House of the United States is one of the most famous buildings using sandstone for its walls.


Travertine is a gold-colored stone that has an uneven texture. This is demanded in decorative construction works. The technology of the establishment of travertine on the walls today enjoys increased popularity and beauty. Travertine Stone wall cladding is used for staircase wall cladding and double-height wall cladding and interior wall cladding tiles and lobby wall cladding tiles. These are perfect for cladding a facade: external walls in this magical material always look to glow in their own light.

Travertine stone cladding tiles are used for interior and exterior walls. It can be applied with any good quality cement. It is the material that makes it easy to stick on the wall surface. Any good quality sealer can be used on the upper surface after installation to make the last long. Our Travertine stone cladding tile can be used for house exterior wall cladding tile, front elevation cladding tile, lobby wall tile, living room wall tile, interior wall tile, basement wall tile, indoor wall cladding tile, etc.

External walls need strong materials which are capable of withstanding the most varied atmospheric elements without deterioration and also remaining beautiful. Travertine is always the perfect choice for its natural elegance and proven imperviousness to the outdoors.  It is for good reason that some of the most iconic constructions from Antiquity still standing today were built in travertine. An exterior clad in travertine is the right choice for buildings, icons of modernity, and class. A pure aesthetic touch for residential facades that denotes exclusivity.

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