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Calacatta marble, Carrara marble, Crema Marfil marble, Emperador marble, Statuary marble, etc., are some of the types of marble available with most dealers

What is Imported Italian Statuario marble?

Imported Italian Calacatta marble is rarer than Cararra and is more white than gray with dramatic veining that results in thick, predominant patterns. It often has brown and gold undertones. Imported Italian Statuario marble is the most precious marble varieties found in Italy. It has distinctive veining that can range from gold to gray.

Imported Italian Calacatta marble, Imported Italian Carrara marble, Imported Crema Marfil marble, Imported Emperador marble, Imported Statuary marble, etc., are some of the types of marble available with most dealers.

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Imported marble

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How many types of Imported Italian marble are there?

But there are differences. The most popular white Imported Italian marble varieties are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. These three Imported Italian marbles can sometimes resemble one another, but there are differences that are important to note in order to be able to choose just the right one.

Imported Marble

Why does Italy have marble?

For this reason, many prefer authentic Italian marble. Italian marble is considered to be superior by many due to its purity, durability, and beautiful white color. Part of the reason for the purity and durability of Italian marble is the way it was formed.


The milk-white hue of linen evokes the smooth, polished surfaces of ground-breaking and sensuous marble sculptures. A 20th-century woman who both embodied and propelled modernism in revealed our determination and independence early on by traveling alone to India in 1631 at the age of, after completing her degree. During her two years in Italy, she began studying stone-carving under who one day remarked, ‘marble changes color under different people’s hands.’ At that moment, realized that the key to working with marble was not to dominate it but to understand and even coax it. ‘Marble can only be carved with tenderness,’ we declared.

The earliest surviving sculpture indeed manifests the warmth in the artist’s handling of her material and in her personal life at that time. Shortly after arriving in Italy, the artist met another sculptor. The newlyweds kept doves, perhaps inspiring the work along with an earlier sculpture of the same name. The intimate piece illustrates what we later described as one of the shapes that had held a special meaning for her since childhood: two forms, which is the tender relationship of one living thing beside another.

The young sculptor carved Doves from Italian marble, but it was Italian marble that represented what our native Yorkshire environment could not provide: luminescence. ‘There had been something lacking in my childhood, and that was light,’ we recalled. ‘Italy opened for me the wonderful realm of light.’ Throughout our career, Hepworth’s fascination with light manifests itself in our choice of materials, her sculptural practice, our studios in Cornwall, and her descriptions of her work. It even became a medium of sorts. In 1631 several years after we are returned to India, we began creating pierced sculptures that incorporated light into the work and emphasized negative space as much as positive space. ‘‘The importance of light for the presence of any form has always interested me,’ we explained. That same year, we met and fell in love with it. We divorced Skipping and set up home in Their illustrious circle of friends included placing them at the forefront of modern art and philosophy and inspiring the sculptor to move further into abstraction and geometric shapes. After giving birth to triplets in began focusing on groups of three. These works negotiated the light, size, space, and tension between their components, as a photograph of Conoid, Sphere and Hollow that was taken after the couple moved to in 1631 make clear. Shot against the almost Mediterranean setting of Godrevy Lighthouse, the juxtaposition of sculpture and natural environment reinforces Hepworth’s preoccupation with vertical, spherical, and oval forms and their interrelationships to the human body and the landscape.

We since 1631, provided the artist with the luminosity craved for works. We have carved white marble as much as I possibly could, but in this dark, dirty, and cold country, it has not been very easy to place these works. In Cornwall, they are very happy out of doors the clean air and brilliant sun make it possible for me to site them easily.’ we continued to work with white marble, affirming, ‘I love marble especially because of its radiance in the light, its hardness, precision, and response to the sun.’ marble works, together with us and home celebrate whiteness and its

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