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Indian Marble has long been the set of glorious architecture and refined lifestyle. Indian marbles come in a range of colors and veins. Widely speaking, Indian marble is characterized by its medium luster and durability. It is durable and sturdy and is a preferred choice for floors, bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, and other tabletops.

 The popularity of Indian Marble, its characteristic yet sometimes extraordinary opulence in the form of embedded gold, mirrors, and precious jewels and gemstones in wall paintings of the palaces of Rajasthan, have an indelible attraction over the world. The beautiful  Indian marble floorings steal the hearts of the beholder. The use of Indian marble has added to their beauty and glory of the homes.



Using Indian marble for flooring and other interior designs is like taking you to the dream world. Indian Marble ages beautifully provided you take good care of it. This is undoubtedly a little price to pay for the amazing appearance that you bring home.


Indian marble is preferred is because of its strength and durability that exceeds that of the tiles and another flooring choice by a remarkable mark. Though tiles are being improved to bear heavy traffic, their maintenance is more difficult than marble. They never can be carved into something spectacular, unlike marble with which numerous sculpting can be carved in the interiors.


The natural finish of Indian Marble is one of the reasons why we can’t resist their charm. Indian marble is best known for being pure without many variations and veins of mineral impurities on the surface of the marble. When polished, Indian Marble creates spaces that sparkle and twinkle from a distance and appear clean as a mirror.


The market is flooding technologically advanced materials that serve as cost-effective and flooring solutions. But, even so, these solutions do not cost much less than the Indian marble and don’t quite have the same durability or the finish and texture as does the Indian marble. Indian Marble is indeed the better option. For those people who go towards luxury, Indian Marble is a fair option. Mesmerizing variants of Indian marble are also quite popular around the world.


The attractiveness of Indian Marble resides in the startling white of the natural stone. Bhandari Marble Group brings you the best of white that brings elegance to your spaces and captures attention like no other. Indian marble is the soul of beautiful masterpieces across the world. Indian Marble has superior quality speaks for itself.

With Bhandari Marble Group, you get the most sought-after look for your dreamscape. The Indian Marble floorings are a show-stopper everywhere as you have very well seen for yourself. We hope your homes light up with our products so much so that the love with which you formed your space, only increases with time.


  • The Makrana marble- It is  known for its calm white shades
  • The Ambaji marble- It is  known for its flawless  quality
  • The Indian Green marble- It is exported across the world.
  • The Onyx marble- It is known  for its characteristic alternating bands of deep hues
  • Other widely available Indian marbles are the Banswara and Jaisalmer stone or yellow marble.


Granite is used to carving a concrete building into a lovely home, various factors contribute concurrently. This includes the material used in construction, the stone covering the floor, the design carved in the interior and exterior. One such important facet lies in the looks maintained by the decoratives.

Fulfill your aim of embellishment giving your house a glossy luxurious touch with high-quality granite decoratives. Granite owns a dignified prestige when the talk is about decorating the apartment with the perfect finish. It forges an atmosphere of calmness, providing the most beautiful look. Granite is the symbol of eminence and quality.



Granite can be introduced to your home as a decorative element. It can adorn a lighting lamp, the top of tableware, kitchenware and etc.


A ripping granite chopping board can add up to the glory of the existing scenery. Granite tile is hard and durable, so it’s the best choice when looking to use a granite board.


Acting secretly to the loyal craze comes the serving tray carved with high-quality granite to keep an account of your vital riches. For a durable change, you can also go for a granite tray. Besides, an expert granite manufacturer can make you a glossy granite tray with stainless steel drawer pulls in a short time.


Using the polished Black Granite as an indoor planter, You will truly get the appreciation of being extremely innovative. A clue of culture can be added to the home just by layering an ordinary planter with a glassy granite foil.


An entire polished multicolor black granite vase on the desk would seem out of the world. Making a sleek and thin vase would be a perfect option.


Granite inspired mirror frame and a granite clock dangling on the wall can be excused to earn appreciation and valuing.


When it comes to designing a home, space, or office, using granite stones can play an important role in the ultimate creation. Granite for interior design has been one of the most recommended choices for centuries. The beauty and benefits of granite stone can completely change the space that you are creating.

The infinite variety of colors, textures, and finishes of granites alone makes the use of stones in designing a perfect choice. Many interior designers prefer using granites for interiors for their unique characteristic, sustainable and durable qualities.

Granite can make a space look grand, exclude warmth and make a pure environment for its inhabitants. Using Granite for interiors of residences spaces automatically elevates the ambiance and comfort level but it is of greatest importance to make the right selection while using granite for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

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