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Indian marble is featured by its medium luster and durability. It is durable and well-built and is an approved choice for a beautiful collection of Marble Handicrafts. Offering a wide range of Handicraft Items in Indian Marble which is suitable for the requirements of our valuable customers in the most efficient and in an effective manner. These marble handicrafts items are crafted by skilled craftsmen using simple tools by hand carvings on high-grade Indian marble.


Marble inlay is a firmly protected traditional art and a few experts are adept enough to do equity to it in this day and era. The graceful process includes faithfully cutting and carving marble shapes by hand. Bhandari Marble Group is the leading firm occupied in processing, manufacturing, and contributing of a wide range of marbles Inlay and marble Products.


Many of the marble decorated art is essentially done by the craftsmen who are family craftsmen for generations. The most compelling fact about this art is that even now the craftsman uses the same type of tools as used in the 16th and 17th centuries for this art. Also consuming the similar sort of stones, which are not only authentic but they give real look of the past era. Also, it takes more than a day to make a small flower in semi-precious stone.

India’s prosperous cultural legacy and centuries of progressive classic are manifested by the big variety of handicrafts made around the country. Handicrafts are a reflection of the cultural identity of the traditional people who made them. The entire prosperity of timeless and precious Indian handicrafts has survived through the ages. These crafts bring the magnetic appeal of the Indian customs which promises exclusivity, charmer, majesty, and style.



We are the substantial producer and distributor of superior-high-quality Marble Handcrafted Temple. It is a result of flawless workmanship. Familiar with their strong life and ideal conclusion, the whole span of marble temples supplied by us has stacked up words of great praise among our customers. Executed to the pleasure of our customers, we check a defect-free range of marble temples for our customers. Communicating with marble distributors you can place a marvelous marble temple. These Marble temple designs are ready to give zeal to the room.


Marble Inlay Flower Pot provided attribute use of quality marble stones of various colors on which marvelous and absolute inlay work is done which is helpful in forming these beautiful pots designs all the more satisfying. The charming end provided to the flower pots also makes these admirable with the bordering decoration.


Some features of the marble articles are-

Charming end
Lasting life and Enduring
Perfect polish
Superb expertise


A piece of genuine shiny marble makes for a lasting clock. The gold-colored metal hands put on shine and proportion to the ordinary difference and slash of this clock’s stylish stone face.


We can meet the over-spreading requirement of our clients by producing and supplying a wide range of Marble Pen Holders. Our company can also promote our customer from across the globe by giving them many other products.


Marble Base offered comes in shiny polished decor and provides for sparkling finishing to the entire presentation. These marble bases are available in a graceful finish that also tied up with the specific tastes and preferences of the customers. Few of its attributes include suitable for use in areas like homes, hotels, and others; available in quality erection finish; available in different sizes and varieties.


We are the foremost producers and distributors of the Marble Bowl which is very astonishing and attractive in looks.


We put forth in the market Marble Trays with complex engravings. The Marble Trays we offer have colorful inlays on White Marble for forming a stylish look. We are enumerating at the peak in the list of the Marble Trays manufacturers, exporters, and distributors in India. Marble Trays we provide are in vital needs in the home enhancing industry. Acting privately to the faithful craze comes the serving tray carved with high-quality marble to keep an account of your vital riches.


Marble Artifacts are Appreciated For

  • Extraordinary design
  • Attractive  inlays
  • Varied proportion
  • Fine finishing
  • Durability


Marble Stand

In the kitchen, a well-built marble tile is an adaptable option. It can help a lumpy pedestal candle holder as a footing. Both, the marble stand and marble candle holder prove to be noticeable and impressive. Especially when the choice is something bright and fantastic.

Marble Dinner Set/ Cup & Saucer

A marble dinner set can be a masterpiece achievement. Further tributing its effect on the dinner table is a cup and saucer set. Including these elements in your kitchen means your interiors are unique. We recommend using premium-quality white marble sets.

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About the Author Hi, I am D.C. Bhandari, chairman of Bhandari Marble Group living in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. I love seeing the new and creative ways people use our Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone. Our customers are so creative. My favorite design style preppy traditional mix with modern especially pieces that can be found at a vintage or antique stone. I like to invent travel, search, experiment with natural stone products. For more posts visit our website.

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