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Statuario is a classic and famous marble with a pure white background and elegant gray/purple veins that run across the stone. This is a perfect option when a whiter visual wants to be achieved. Statuario is a timeless choice that can enhance any space and design style.


Indian White Statuario – Marble Rajasthan


Whether used in living rooms, kitchen countertops or bathrooms, marble has a timeless and elegant appeal. It has always been among the most preferred natural stones for home décor, and the most commonly used varieties are Italian and Indian marble. These natural stones are available in a wide range of colours and vein patterns, and to a layperson, the sheer variety of choices can be quite overwhelming.

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We bring you the lowdown on Italian Statuario marble vs Indian Statuario marble; including the various varieties, colors and characteristics so that you can make an informed decision for your home.

Italian Statuario Marble vs Indian Statuario Marble

Properties of Indian Statuario Marble vs Italian Statuario Marble

  • ORIGIN: Italian Statuario Marble Source Quarried from Italy, and Indian Statuario Marble Source Quarried from India (Rajasthan).
  • LUSTRE: Italian marble is very high-quality lustre, pearly and luminescent. Indian marble is medium lustre as compared to Italian marble.
  • COLORS: Italian marble available in White, Grey, Blue-Grey, Rose, colors. Indian marble available in white, Grey, Deep Yellow, Green, Red, Black.
  • SOFTNESS: Italian Statuario is very soft Comparatively to Indian Statuario Marble.
  • THICKNESS: Italian Statuario Commonly available in 18-20 mm slabs whereas Indian Statuario available in various thicknesses, can go up to 30 mm.
  • POLISH: Polishing Available in Indian Statuario as one side polished Starts at Rs 80 per square foot. Slabs in Italian Statuario polished or unpolished Cost Starts at Rs 350 per square foot.
  • FLOORING: Laying Italian Statuario needs highly skilled craftsmen, Indian Statuario requires a lesser level of skills as compared to Italian marble.

Environmental concerns: As it is soft, Italian Statuario has a nylon backing and is treated with epoxy resins, matching pigments and chemical resin sealers. No any toxins or chemicals used to reinforce stone as it is harder Where used in High-end floors of living, foyer, staircases, tabletops. It is not preferred in kitchens as it is very soft and can easily stain. Whereas Indian Statuario mostly used in bathroom walls and floors, kitchen countertops.

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Cost of Indian Statuario Marble vs Italian Statuario Marble 

Marble from Italy is among the finest in the world and is accordingly priced—with the cheapest varieties starting from Rs 200 per square foot, and the more exclusive, fine stones costing even Rs 4000 for a square foot. Creamy Calacatta marble with its feathery veins and Carrara are classified as Group A. These are available only at the lower depths of quarries. They are highly-priced as they have very few fissures running through the stone. Indian Statuario marble is much more cost-effective, with the lower-end prices starting at Rs 150 per square foot.
When calculating the costs, you will also need to factor in the prices of cutting the slabs to size and laying it in your required pattern. This will come to around 150 per square foot inclusive of the fixing material. Marble inlay work requires very specialized craftsmen to do the work. Depending on how intricate the design is, costs can go up to Rs 2,500 per square foot. Finally, the marble needs to be polished with fine stones of carborundum and buffed and sealed with tin oxide. This polishing costs approximately Rs 40 per square foot.


Trending Ideas in Statuario Marble

Statuario Marble is primarily used in flooring and cladding in upmarket homes, office lobbies and hotels. It is not preferred for external use, especially not in polluted areas, as it can get damaged. (A case in point: the white marble of the world-famous Taj Mahal is said to be turning yellow due to the industrial pollution in Agra)

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Statuario Marble has always traditionally been used in sculptures and artwork – like this serene seated Buddha. It is also used on tabletops, in mantelpieces, and in smaller pieces of decor like trays, soap dispensers and so on.

Cleaning Tips:

Statuario Marble is a stone that requires a high degree of maintenance to keep it looking good. Its porous nature makes it very prone to scratches and stains, and such imperfections show up all too well against a polished surface. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Acidic substances like vinegar, lime and tomato will stain the marble, so wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Use diluted organic cleaners that are environmentally friendly and do not contain any chemicals.
  • Seal the surface regularly with a sealant that forms a protective barrier. When water stops beading on the surface, it’s time to re-seal.
  • Every few years, marble should be re-polished with carborundum stone and tin oxide, to restore the surface lustre.
  • The water used for mopping the floor should not be hard or contain any chemicals.
White Statuario Marble | Tiles and Slabs, Kitchen Countertop

For sheer elegance, there’s nothing that quite matches up to Statuario Marble with its unique veins, elegant finishes and lustrous textures, makes a classy statement in any space. Looking for some support with your home décor? Our Sales executives at Bhandari Marble Group are always happy to help.


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