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Is Marble Flooring Right for My House?

Time and time again, we’ve seen how marble is beautifully used in some homes…and let’s be honest, we all love it.

Its ageless beauty and iconic style statement make it one of the most sought after material for flooring and countertops in the housing market. And it’s not without good reason either. Marble has some pretty solid selling points, and it’s widely coveted for those. However, because of its glamor, some homeowners don’t study it’s demerits well enough to know what they are signing up for.

All we are saying is that just like how everything else has benefits and disadvantages, marble too is cut from the same cloth. In no way are we saying that you should not choose marble. On the contrary, we are only here to help you make an informed decision after weighing the pros against the cons. After all, who wants the buyer’s remorse, right?

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Whether you’re still loyal to marble or not after weighing in on this list — it’s not a problem so long as you don’t make any decisions without fully understanding everything.

But before we get to the details that, let’s talk about some of the most popular marble flooring options available in the market.

  1. Carrara Marble
    A very widely used marble, Carrara is of grayish-white color and has subtle gray veining. It is not the most royal marble out there, but it has a lot of flooring applications due to its affordability.
  2. Calacatta Marble
    Being a rare marble, this is a very lavish and expensive marble indeed. Appearance-wise, it differs from the Carrara marble, with its dark and thick veining patterns over a white background. It’s widely fancied in high-end homes for its luxe factor.
  3. Statuary Marble
    With a translucent white background and dramatic veining, this marble is another exciting option. Also considered luxe, thanks to its perfect balance of white and dark hues, it’s perfect for flooring patterns.
  4. Emperador Marble
    This marble comes in various shades of brown, accompanied by irregular veining. It offers a fresh deviation from the usual light shades that marble comes in.
  5. Crema Marfil Marble
    While it has numerous color variations, the conventional design of this marble is in hues of beige and yellow with veining of varying intensity. It gives an almost Mediterranean vibe to every space.
  6. Talathello Marble
    This marble is of a light grey background with speckles of silver or beige in irregular vein forms. While it almost blends into outdoors because of its colors, it can also lend a dramatic statement to the indoor space.
  7. Levadia Black Marble
    A striking black marble with light gray veining that makes a style statement when used for flooring.
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The Benefits of Using Marble Flooring for Your House

  • It’s Aesthetic
    Undoubtedly, marble flooring gives off a really high-end and exclusive vibe due to its unique designs and variety. The special thing about marble is that each slab is truly one of a kind, and the exact veining patterns are never found in any two slabs. Marble is a natural stone; thus, every slab has a distinct crystallization pattern; hence making it a unique selling point.

Therefore, you can be sure that your design will not be available anywhere else, thanks to its distinctiveness. So if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to own what everyone else owns, marble is your best bet.

  • It’s Durable
    Marble is highly durable and can withstand a high volume of foot traffic. Due to its durability, it also has a long shelf-life — making it an absolutely worthy investment.

Great monuments of yesteryears used marble, and they’re visited by thousands even today. And if marbles can last graciously in those monuments, a house in comparison is a very small feat for marble flooring.

  • It Adapts to Different Temperatures
    Next, marbles can withstand high temperatures and frequent temperature changes without expanding or cracking, unlike hardwood or some laminate flooring.

Let’s say, if you were to install radiated heating in your flooring, the marble will do its job, and make your flooring wonderfully comfortable to walk on during cold weather too. In that way, it affords you the flexibility that many other options don’t. At the same time, it tends to be exceptionally cooling during hot weather, and this adaptability is a great feature to invest in.

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  • It is Relatively Easy to Clean
    Marble has a really smooth surface and that makes cleaning it hassle-free. All it takes for your marble flooring to shine is a wee bit of mopping, and voila.

Supposedly, if you were to spill anything on your marble, you don’t have to worry. Get a clean wet cloth, some cleaning solution and wipe it off…and the damage is prevented. Marble doesn’t stain easily, and with the right TLC, it will always look as good as the day you installed it.

  • It Adds to Your House’s Resale Value
    By now, you already get that marble can be a fantastic addition to your house, but you should know that it’s even more fantastic to your resale value.

You will never go wrong with marble flooring in your house because of its look, feel, and durability. And all these features abet new homeowners to buy your home easily too. I’m sure, you also understand why. After all, all new homeowners want a home that requires minimal to no remodeling; and thanks to marble’s popularity and aesthetic value, that situation is easily averted.

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Long story short, everyone knows that marble is timeless, and as a result, your resale value is safe and sound.

  • It Brightens Up the Room
    The moment the sun hits your marble flooring, it instantly transforms the surroundings to be dreamy. The transparency works in your favor as the reflection naturally brightens up the surroundings; thus not needing much help from your lighting.

Besides, this does wonders for your space too — making it appear more spacious than it actually is. Furthermore, this feature helps your resale value too, especially when new homeowners walk in on the perfect moment to witness this in action. It’s hard not to be sold by a well-lit room, after all.

So, now that we’ve covered the benefits of marble flooring, let’s take a reality check. There are definitely some downsides too. Mind you, they are not terrible. But it’s only practical to cover your bases and know what you’re getting into before committing to something that you can’t change very easily for the next few years.]



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