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Italian Marble Types

Statuario Marble

Another light gray marble with a pretty solid background, Statuary or Statuario marble is typically known as the sister to Carrara marble. It is almost translucent and is very smooth and shiny to the touch. Depending on what kind of finish you use with it, it can be very glossy and reflective as well. It’s great for when you want to add some radiance to the room, especially if you have large open windows. It can reflect the natural sunlight and give your room the appearance of a wide-open and beautiful natural space.

Statuario Marble Flooring

Many homeowners like to put Statuary marble in the kitchen, where it can best show off its reflective and glossy surfaces. It’s also used as a backsplash in many other locations, depending on the homeowner’s budgetary needs. It’s a great way to pull any room together and add a finishing touch that will truly stand the tests of time.

Crema Marfil Marble

Originating in Spain, this type of is really diverse in color and texture. Most come in a beige or yellow but are also found in darker reds and other intense hues. It’s a beautiful natural stone that is most often found indoors. Homeowners use it to construct cladding and decorations, as well as some types of flooring.

Crema Marfil Marble Flooring

Homeowners who are feeling adventurous or who love to design homes in a traditional Spanish style can find a lot of use out of this differently-colored marble, which lends themselves greatly to a high amount of returns on value.

Emperador Marble

Another Spanish stone, Emperador marble comes in varying hues of white and gray, as well as brown and yellow. What people love the most about this type of is the fact that it typically is displayed with irregular veins, and it has super fine grains that contribute to a unique texture. Homeowners find this marble widely available, and it can be used for decoration or for function.

Emperador Marble Flooring

This “Wow” bathroom features both light and dark Emperador marble–Emperador Dark & Emperador Light marble.

Before and After Remodeling Call to Action – Sebring Services

Marble Texture

There are different textures that can be achieved with marble. When it comes to appearance, one of the biggest and most common variations comes with a process known as tumbled marble. Tumbled describes the type of finish that is used on top of the stone, in this case, marble. There are different processes that contribute to the different textures of tumbled. A natural tumble makes the appear soft and rounded.

Meanwhile, larger marble is typically not tumbled but are rather finished using a honed or a polished style. A honed marble finish gives it a matte appearance, which is silky to the touch, less reflective, and less prone to scratches and stains. On the other hand, polished marble is slick, smooth, and very reflective. It can be beautiful and elegant, but also slippery and prone to scratches if there is heavy foot traffic. It’s important to consider how your marble is going to be used before you decide on the location and the texture of your marble.

Marble Floor

Marble floors are one of the most popular flooring choices for bathrooms and kitchens. In a bathroom, the natural white and gray can add to the purity of the room, while feeling cool underfoot for a smooth and relaxing feel. In kitchens, they can add to the grandeur, while they reflect the different colors of your furnishings and appliances while making space feel more open and connected.

In some cases, especially in the bathroom, the marble of the floor can extend partially or all the way up the walls, continuing the pattern. This is a great addition to the bathroom if you already have a marble shower wall and a marble countertop for your sinks. It will make your bathroom feel like it is carved out of stone, a beautiful reflection of the hues and tones the earth can naturally create.

Marble Bathroom and Shower

It’s hard to find an unimpressive bathroom or shower that has marble. Marble can truly bring out the best in sophistication, adding a touch of class to the bathroom. Plus, the coolness to the touch makes marble go hand in hand with a steamy shower.

Marble Bathroom

If you want a classic bathroom that can easily withstand wear and tear, you can consider a variety of marble options for your remodeling project. In the shower, it can offer a solid stone foundation that adds a splash of decoration to your elegant bathroom. There’s a reason why marble bathrooms are so timeless. As long as you understand the maintenance needed to keep them looking pristine and glossy, you can benefit well from the addition of marble to your bathrooms and showers.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are some of the most diverse furnishings you can think of for any kind of construction or remodeling project. Whether you consider marble for your bathroom or kitchen countertops, understand that there are a lot of benefits in its choosing. The natural veins and grains add depth and character to the room, while the solidity of the stone can be a reliable and dependable material for all of your countertop needs. Most homeowners eagerly choose to install countertops somewhere in the home, as they are affordable, extremely diverse, and highly functional.

Marble Kitchen Counter-top

How to Clean Marble

There are a few important steps you should take to ensure that your marble can be cleaned properly. The way you clean marble depends on what kind of finish it has on it, or whether it is honed or polished. Typically, since marble is softer than porcelain and granite, it needs to be cleaned more often. Mildly abrasive dish soap should work to clean the surface, but be careful not to use anything acidic. Mix it with water to dilute the soap before you begin. A hot wet cloth is best for wiping the down – again, make sure it isn’t abrasive.

If you are taking things to the next step, and you want to polish your as well, make sure to invest in a grinder and a sander to completely sand down the marble first. You shouldn’t have any cracks, scratches, bumps, or uneven textures before you begin. Check with the manufacturer to see what cleaning and polishing materials are best used on your specific marble.

Marble is Timeless and Valuable

It’s easy to understand why marble continues to be a popular material choice for flooring, backsplashes, decor, and much more. With a variety of different functions and design ideas, marble can certainly add value to any home. Whether you use it in the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, or even your stairs, there is plenty of room for creativity and sophistication when it comes to marble.

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