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Marble flooring designs are a form of decoration that belongs to ancient civilization. In this form of decorative designs, various pieces of material of different shapes, sizes, and designs are being engraved on the surface. The surface can be in the form of marble.  flooring designs work is generally to be seen in the designs of floral motifs, plants, and creative natural patterns. Marble flooring design is an art that takes a lot of patience and artistry. As a result, you get a very dazzling form of decorative that one can’t take his eyes off. Flooring design art delivers a sense of aesthetic with a hint of royalty. Gives an extremely eye-grabbing elegant marvelous look.

There are a number of materials that can be used for flooring designs work including wood, metal, shells, pearls, ivory, and even camel bone. Every piece of flooring design work is made with precious stones of natural hues and shades. In the current scenario, This flooring design art can be done on flooring, Wood flooring designs, Tabletops flooring designs,  flooring designs doors, and decorative products as well. We at Bhandari Marble Group provide the best flooring designs work products and services.

 Flooring designs Work, The Spirit of Earliest Times.

Inheriting a sturdy Persian influence and originating from the Mughal grounds, This work has imprinted an artistic remark. Marble flooring designs work attaches a strong string from earliest times. It is often marked as a synonym of dignity which used to be an imperative lifestyle for your homes.

The whole process is complex but they say, beautiful things never come easy and so the marble flooring designs. The technique involves the collision of attaching beautiful metals on perfectly designed carvings. The desired surface for carvings is marble, stones, or similar. Basically, the perfectly designed shallows are filled with precious stones and metals.

The finished item looks attractively magnificent with the profusion of inlaid materials and marvelous patterns.


Manufacturer of Decorative Marble Rangoli – Marble Stone Rangoli, Marble Flower flooring designs Rangoli, Marble Makrana Rangoli, and Rangoli Floor offered by Lifestyle,  Rangoli For Floor Red And Green and  Customized Color and Design Rangoli.

To spread our business all across the globe, we are affianced in providing a wide array of Marble Rangoli designs in attractive shades. The rangoli offered by us is precisely cut, finished, and polished by our highly experienced experts under the visionary guidance of our ingenious professionals. This rangoli reflects a typical Indian style and much applauded by the patrons for interior home furnishing applications. Also, the offered rangoli is offered industry-leading prices for to our esteemed customers.


  • Quality stone  Rangoli flooring designs
  • Exclusive range of rangoli designs
  • Very fine finish and polished texture
  • Specialization is available as per the requirement of the customer
  • Avails a wide range of colors, designs, and shapes
  • Great for providing a fine finish to walls and floors
  • Good for residential and commercial complexes


Beautiful floor marble design here with border Floor Patterns, Tile Patterns, Floor Design, and most of the designs of our dining table tops are inspired by the ancient European and Mughal era. We offer you a  pretty awesome Marble flooring design Border designs range to give your place an aesthetic look. Be it your living room, workroom, or bedroom, it assures you to make the whole space charming. Wherever these flooring designs border designs are installed, they enhance the charm of that place. We provide you with the perfect marble flooring design border designs.  Be it in the technical aspect of the creativity of the material quality, we have got it all covered for you. The smooth finish and finely cut stones make these the best  flooring designs border designs 

Bhandari marble group promises to design any type of border or skirting of any combination of our client’s choice. Size, colors, and designs can be altered as per the prospective customer’s needs. We manufacture attractive ready-made borders, skirting. That saves your time and money. We also accept the orders of particular sizes and designs from architects, interior decorators, and provide them economical and excellent ways to do their difficult job.

Bhandari Marble Group is an esteemed company, engaged in manufacturing, supplying, distributing, and wholesaling good quality decorative marble border. Our highly experienced designers are very specialized and crafted these marble flooring designs border designs using only approved material.

 The beauty of interior decorations is surely going to increase with this wide range of marble flooring design border designs. These designed borders give an exceptional look to floors. You can beautify the look of your residence as well as commercial complexes with these eye-catching marble flooring designs order designs. Not only the fine finish and stone cut designs to make your space attractive but also guarantee you a lot of compliments from your visitors.


  • Quality flooring designs borders
  • Exclusive range of border designs
  • Very fine finish and polished texture
  • Customization is available as per the requirement of customers
  • Provides a wide range of colors, designs and shapes
  • Perfect for providing a fine finish to floors
  • Ideal for residential and commercial complexes


Tabletop flooring designs are a beautiful choice for many homeowners. Due to its luxurious appearance which has a striking resemblance with marble, Tabletop flooring designs have become extremely popular. It is a stone that has been used in the time of the Romans. Buildings like the Colosseum, Theater of Marcellus, etc. are examples of this stone’s durability and strength. Tabletop flooring designs are from the family of marvelous marble quality. It has a unique look with irregular cavities and holes in its designs. Because of this, each stone of the Tabletop’s flooring design is different from another. It is found in a range of beautiful earthy colors such as cream, gold, silver, etc.

Tabletops flooring designs can be found in all shades and colors of flooring designs stone. The countertops are available in both cross-cut and vein-cut stones. The shine of these tabletops depends on the type of finish that has been selected. Tabletops flooring designs countertops have four types of finishes i.e. polished, tumbled, chiseled edge, and honed. The holes of Tabletop flooring designs are filled before installation.


  1. For those who are fans of mixing beauty with the antique look, they should opt for these beautiful Tabletops flooring designs kitchen countertops that are the epitome of refined elegance. The surface of the tiles has a very velvety appearance, therefore will instantly add a very svelte touch to one’s house.
  • Those who want stylish touch should go for the velvety cream-toned Tabletops flooring designs. Its creamy look along with its intricate design combines luxury with vintage grace.

  • If you’re interested in giving your house a state-of-the-art makeover then the beige Tabletops flooring designs are an absolute must for your house. These uniquely designed will add a touch of prime beauty and will instantly modernize your homes.

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