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Revamping your home can be a lot of fun. Though when you’re in the thick of it, it’s a lot of work. But there’s something satisfying about walking into a room and seeing that new floor, especially when you know it’s there because of your efforts.

If you’re planning on replacing your floor with tile, you might wonder whether which natural stone might be the right choice. No matter what floor you decide on, it’s best to know as much about it as possible. After all, the hope is that the floor will last a long time, so you want to know what you’re getting into. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about natural stone.

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With hundreds of available varieties, this in-demand stone can be flamed for slip-resistant texture in busy kitchens and bathrooms. It is one of the most popular types of stone, and it’s easy to see. It comes in a variety of colors and textures. It is most commonly used for kitchen countertops since it’s more durable than any other type of natural stone, but also a great choice for flooring in any room.
Installation can be a challenge with granite. If the subflooring of a room is weak or not completely level, even irregularities such as bumps or dips, it could cause the granite tile slabs to crack. Then as a result, granite flooring installation may take extra time and labour, which has the potential to increase the cost of the project.

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Marble can be similar to granite in both look and popularity. This porous stone is a sophisticated choice for formal spaces but is easily scratched. Slabs or tiles come in many colors, based on where they were quarried. Some varieties of marble can be harder and more stain-resistant than others.
Most Popular Natural Stone Tiles
re thinking will perform well of the room you have in mind. Since it is more porous than granite, this means it’s more susceptible to staining. It’s best suited for formal spaces such as dining and family rooms but the kitchen is starting to catch on. This stone definitely requires sealing by a professional.

How to Install Marble Floor Tiles

Travertine – Most Popular Natural Stone Tiles Travertine is a very popular stone flooring option and can be used both inside and outside the home. It provides a long-lasting, elegant look. But it’s different from other stones, in that it feels soft under your feet and doesn’t have that cooling effect you get with granite or marble. It’s crystallized, partially metamorphosed limestone is often mistaken for marble.
This type of stone doesn’t have the same shiny, glossy appearance that some people like. It does however have a matte finish that is unique and offers a more natural, rustic, farmhouse look that can be very pretty. It’s a great alternative if you like the look of marble, but don’t have to deal with a very sensitive surface. So having kids or pets makes this a great option for you!

Travertine Floors

It is known for its natural, earthy appearance. It is formed from sedimentary materials, like coral and shells. Unlike other stones, when limestone is cut from the same slab, it has very little color variation from tile to tile, so it’s easy to get a truly uniformed look. The stone can be sanded smooth for a soothing, refined look or even machine-tumbled for a more worn, rustic look. It is a harder stone, which means it is even more resilient than some other stones, like marble or travertine. If you like wood flooring, then lucky for you, certain patterns of limestone can look like wood! limestone is the Most Popular Natural Stone Tiles
The most common issue with limestone is that it absorbs water. So be careful if you decide to use it in high water areas, especially outside. Even though it absorbs the water, it can be very slippery when wet. So spills should be cleaned up immediately. Limestone can be sealed before installation and then resealed every few years to protect it and help protect it against stain damage.

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Slate is forged from natural materials like quartz and calcite in extreme heat. It is an extremely durable and solid surface that withstands everyday wear and tear. If you drop anything heavy on it by accident and chip the floor, you won’t see quite a contrasting color difference like you would with porcelain or ceramic tile.
Slate 300×300 – Most Popular Natural Stone Tiles Natural slate has the ability to bring unique beauty to flooring. It combines the functional durability of hard tile with essence of natural stone. Like other natural stone options, slate will add real value to your home. While the popularity of granite has made it common, slate will be truly unique.

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Sandstone is a natural choice when it comes to flooring. Because it’s made of sandstone, it has shades that are similar to the beach and desert sand with colors that range from brown and tan to gold and red. Due to its durability, many homeowners choose this type of tile, especially in high-trafficked areas. Though durable, sandstone is more porous than other natural stones such as granite. Sandstone is about the same as marble in terms of how much water it will absorb. Still, it’s a popular tile for both indoors and outdoors, adding warmth to the room or outdoor space. The best rooms for sandstone are living spaces, little use in bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. That means sandstone can work pretty much wherever you need it. Further, Sandstone is a great wall tile choice for any room in your home.

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