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Imported Marble Tiles v/s Indian marble tiles Stronger – Exotic Stone tiles

Italian Marble Tiles Indian Marble Tiles
Source Quarried from Italy Quarried from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra and Madhya Pradesh in India
Lustre Italian marble tiles are very high-quality lustre, pearly and luminescent Indian marble tiles are medium lustre as compared to Italian marble.
Colours Italian marble tiles are available in White, Grey, Blue-Grey, Rose, colours Indian marble tiles are available in white, Grey, Deep Yellow, Green, Red, Black
Softness Very soft Comparatively harder
Thickness Commonly available in 18-20 mm slabs Available in various thicknesses, can go up to 30 mm
Polishing Available as one side polished slabs Polished or unpolished
Cost Starts at Rs 350 per square foot Starts at Rs 80 per square foot
Laying Italian marble tiles needs highly skilled craftsmen Indian marble tiles requires a lesser level of skills as compared to Italian marble.
Environmental concerns As it is soft, it has a nylon backing and is treated with epoxy resins, matching pigments and chemical resin sealers No toxins or chemicals are used to reinforce stone as it is harder
Where used High-end floors of living, foyer, staircases, tabletops. Not preferred in kitchens as it is very soft and can easily stain. Indian marble is mostly used in bathroom walls and floors, kitchen countertops.

The Infinity Discover is a luxury collection of quartz, granite, semi-precious tiles for walls and floors.

The Infinity Discover is a luxury collection of quartz, granite, semi-precious tiles for walls and floors is becoming the kitchen remodeler’s countertop of choice, and for good reason. The material can mimic the colour and design of granite but is far easier to maintain. Plus, quartz is a non-porous material that never needs sealing. And best of all, the colour and design of The Infinity Discover is a luxury collection of quartz, granite, semi-precious tiles for walls and floors that are not restricted to hues found in nature, but rather are limited only by your imagination. But how exactly is quartz made? The process is called The Infinity Discover is a luxury collection of quartz, granite, semi-precious tiles for walls and floors, a patented manufacturing process for making engineered stone that is the industry standard and is used by many quartz countertops manufacturers. The process transforms small stone aggregates of marble, quartz, silica and granite into a solid surface that closely resembles natural stone. The composite was manufactured as slabs that started out with uniform dimensions and various thicknesses but could then be carved and polished just like natural stone.

Marble tiles Collection

White is known to light up the space and brighten it up. Moreover, it makes any space look larger and more spacious. Marble tile is one of the bestselling as it has a white base and beautiful gold lines that add elegance to your space. White tiles reflect light and make your bathroom look bigger. If not tiles, you can also add white accessories to your bathroom and make your bathroom look fresher.

Sandstone tiles Collection

Consider adding elements to your bathroom or any space in your home that makes you feel like there’s a window. A bathroom shade is always closed, so adding one on a blank wall can give anyone the illusion of a window being there. Moreover, you can play around with the shades if you want to add some colour to your space.

Limestone tiles Collection

Sleek lighting fixtures hanging in front of the mirror create an atmospheric glow as well as ensure you have the ideal make-up or shaving station. Pick something that actively brightens rather than sucks in light or overwhelms the space. Keep it simple and classy.

Kota Stone For Building – Imported Kota Marble Tiles

The stone has a beautiful greenish-blue shade which is complimentary with most interiors. Various colours, for example, chocolate clay colour, are additionally accessible, although with less notoriety. For a long time, marble and rock controlled the scene, as part of the latter option, especially for uninvited areas. But people now realize the benefits of using Kota stone tiles as flooring.
It is durable, performs well under excess use, reflects cleanliness, reduces elusive obstructions and surface residues that are not immediately ineffective.

Manufacturer & Supplier of Kota Stone, Red Mandana Stone & Tiles

Bhandari Marble Group is a manufacturer, supplier of Kota stone, red mandana stone and tiles is an excellent variety of stone found in Rajasthan. This excellent flooring material connects Rajasthan with other states of India, providing a new identity to Rajasthan. Although it is not environment friendly, but with natural limestone and different conditions.

Kota Stone tiles

Kota Blue Limestone is very popular due to its excellent texture. This Limestone is light green and bluish-green when it is dry and has a more rich green or bluish-green color when wet.

Marble tiles Gallery

  • Design Versatility
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Simple to Repair and Maintain
  • Rugged Durability
  • Cool to the Touch

Marble tiles in living room

The star of marble tiles in living room now takes pride of place in living rooms as an ideal embodiment of luxury and sophistication. If you are thinking of revamping your living room, here we give you 5 reasons for bringing marble into the heart of your home:

  • #1. Elegance
  • #2. Wide range of colours
  • #3. Guaranteed durability
  • #4. Versatility
  • #5. Light reflecting

Marble floor tiles

Often considered one of the more expensive natural stone tile materials, marble is an elegant and bold choice, as it exudes a level of elegance and panache that is hard to replicate with other materials. Deeply veined with natural mineral lines, marble is created under immense heat and pressure — and can take the heat and pressures of daily life extremely well. Perhaps no other type of tile can elevate a space to dramatically as marble tile. The natural stone delivers incredible depth and contrast, displaying a dazzling array color veining, and is naturally available in a multitude of colors, from green, gray, beige, white, black, and many more. When selecting marble tiles or slabs, be sure to inspect the material for any rough areas, as these may require extra sealing to protect against stains due to its porous nature.

bathroom marble tiles

The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of our home. This is the place where we go first thing in the morning and before we go to bed at night. But oftentimes, the bathroom is overlooked as a significant design piece of the home. Though it is, above all, identified as a symbol of cleanliness, it can also be considered as a sanctuary for relaxation. And the best way to enjoy any bathroom is to realize and incorporate the full potential of its beauty.

white marble tiles

White Marble Tiles is a material that can be installed both in floor and wall tiles , as well as in any space: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. It will add a distinguished and stately touch to each room.

Marble kitchen tiles

Ignoring the kitchen floor tiles can be devastating. Because, kitchen floors tiles need to withstand high-traffic, spills ranging from cold water to hot oil, dishes, etc. Therefore, make durability your priority as you upgrade your kitchen. Bring floor to life by infusing bright colors! They would give extra energy to your kitchen. Contrast them with bold-color decors like red chairs. If minimalism allures you, install tile with slightly-white texture with dark colored tiles in the middle.

Marble wall tiles

When we think of marble wall tiles, we typically think of classically styled homes with plush interiors and period features, which is where marble wall tiles really comes into its own. Whether you’re renovating a Victorian townhouse or a modern period-style property, you can impress guests with heritage marble interiors. Best suited for areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, marble wall tiles will add texture and beauty with their unique colouring and natural veins. Use larger marble wall tiles in dove grey tones to create a sleek and cool dining area, or opt for softer brown tones to add warmth and character to kitchens.

grey Italian marble tiles

Considered the most precious grey Italian marble tiles variety, this marble’s vein arrangement is unique and can even be gold or greyish. It has a more reflective surface because of the translucent white background and gives the room a radiant look.

beige Italian marble tiles

This is a beige Italian marble tiles and so does not fall into the white category that causes a lot of confusion. It is identifiable by its beige colour and its straight and crossed vein structure. It is a popular and inexpensive type of Italian marble.

brown marble tiles

It is brown in colour, sometimes with a blue-grey tinge, and the veins are fine and wispy. They look linear. Due to its stark whiteness, it can add freshness to the look if used in bathrooms. Apart from building décor, it is also used in sculptures.

cream Italian marble tiles

Considered the most precious Italian marble variety, this marble’s vein arrangement is unique and can even be gold or greyish. It has a more reflective surface because of the translucent white background and gives the room a radiant look.

Marble tiles for bedroom

Adding an accent wall in your bedroom is a great way of bringing a unique character to the room. Put your designing caps on as we are about to explore beautiful bedroom wall tiles.

black marble tiles

If you are wondering how using black marble texture tiles can add splendour and grace to your humble abode and why it is a good choice for all practical purposes, here are a few reasons that will help you understand.

modern marble tiles

These tiles look natural and are crafted to bring elegance and class to the area where it is installed. Just like natural marble, these tiles have a sheen and polished surface that gives imparts a magnificent look. Now, there is no need to splurge on expensive high-quality marble when you can have the same look available in these tiles.

gold marble tiles

Gold marble tiles is a type of white marble that features brilliant grey veining, in addition to irregular splashes and highlights of taupe and gold. The appearance of the stone is so classy and elegant that it can be used for almost any space in your home.

mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can add colour, texture and different patterns to any room in your house. These tiles are any combination of glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone and are set on a mesh sheet making it easy for installation. With so many varieties of mosaic tiles, how do you know which ones to choose and where to put them? The most common places for mosaic tiles are kitchens and bathrooms, however, they can style any room. Read more to find out the top five places where mosaics are used.

Granite tiles

Granite tiles bring the authentic and genuine look of natural granite stone. The wavy pattern so commonly seen in granite natural stone is also replicated in granite tiles to lend authenticity. With so many choices and options available in the market, it is important to do your homework well and consider a few options before making the right choice.




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