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If you’re looking to give a special look to your new home, the first thing to look at is the interior flooring of the house. It’s well known that the good choice made to choose Italian marble for flooring. Italian marble is surely the most luxurious material around the world. This marble is extracted from quarries around the globe, some of the most precious and beautiful varieties of marble are found in Italy.  

The most popular Italian marble varieties are-

  • Carrara
  • Calacatta
  • Statuario


These three precious and astonishing  Italian marble look like one another, there are few differences that are important in order to be able to choose the right option for your project. These stones may all look like the same type of white marble. Doubt is also added because Calacatta is quarried in Carrara, Italy.

All types of marble will be altered from slab to slab, as no two marble creations are the same. The attractiveness of each marble is can be seen in distinguished luxury kitchens and baths. That’s why it is often advised that when picking out Italian marble,  the stone provider must see at least three samples in order to choose the color variations and patterning that is important to you the most.


It is a vision of a classic kitchen or bathroom with luxurious marble countertops or backsplashes. Various types of marble will all give your room a slightly different look, as each has its own unique color and veining. There are no two slabs of marble that are going to look the same, even if they are the same kind. This is one of the reasons having marble in your home can make it feel so opulent – It’s refined and unique to your space. You have to only decide which one is a good choice for you.



Aspect:  Carrara marble is a  smooth veining and is taken on a blue-gray appearance. The gray looks of the marble show as gray flecks and feathery, linear veining.  By comparing it with other marbles, Carrara has a more subtle aspect.

Origin: Carrara marble is quarried in northern  Italy, in the city of Carrara.. That is more than any other marble quarry in the world!

Application: Enormous well-known monuments and statues were built with Carrara marble.  Besides,  its structural uses, new and innovative applications for the stone include wall panels, flooring, stairways, and countertops.


The major difference between this marble is natural imperfections. The  Calacatta marble is mainly hailed as one of the most prosperous marble types around the world, it does often seen with the odd natural tear, open vein, or stain within its composition. Fortunately, innovative measures are in place to ensure these inherent demerits pose no threat to the prosperity of the marble.  Calacatta blocks are all treated and then cut into slabs, each slab is then simply treated with resin again and a net is located at the bottom side of the slab to permanently fix  its position. While most Calacatta marble will have natural imperfections, Statuario is more solid marble, so it does not come with the occasional tear. However, due to the rarity of each marble, all Statuario blocks and slabs are still resin and net treated for adding safety and satisfaction both to the supplier, and the fortunate buyer.


Aspect:  Calacatta marble is a clean white background with fabulous and gray veining. Calacatta is often considered the most luxurious and pure marbles in appearance. If you need heavy veining, this marble is much bolder than Carrara marble, with thicker and great patterns.

Origin: The marble is quarried in the Carrara region of  Italy. This location causes problems between Calacatta and Carrara marble which’s why they are quarried in the same region.

Purposes: Calacatta is a marvelous look for residential and commercial purposes, like its use as elegant floor tiles, countertops, and backsplashes.


There are two main types of Statuario marble, the first is called Bianco Statuario, this marble is of the purest quality and can be totally milky white with some fading light veins or a more classic bright white background with few big thick veins crossing the slabs in Italian, or tree branches. This variety is often coveted for statement projects with the use of book match patterning mentioned. This marble is a natural stone it will age and change with time.

The second type is Statuario Venato, it has a bright white background making it the perfect canvas for its characteristic has straight veins splashed across the slabs that are darker and more distinctive than the  Statuario Bianco. The light and dark contrast is truly unique and makes this particular marble ideal for projects in a well-lit room.

Aspect: Statuario marble is a more extraordinary stone with gray and gold veining and a striking, bold pattern. This marble is to be one of the major white marbles. Statuario marble includes heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns.

Origin: Statuario marble is also quarried in Italy. The mountain quarries of Statuario marble are located above Carrara. Statuario has lesser availability and higher demand. The low availability of this marble makes it more of rare marble.

Purposes: Statuario marble is an ideal stone for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, and floor tiles. Statuario marble should not be used for exterior applications.

Pricing Strategy

When it comes to Statuario Bianco, there are a variety of factors that must be considered when estimating the price of individual slabs, these include the white background color, the lack of natural imperfections, and the amount of veining. The whiter and cleaner the slab is and clear of natural imperfections, and the fewer the veins, the higher the price goes. Taking these factors into consideration as well as its rarity and general exquisite quality, Statuario Bianco slab prices generally run quite high compared to all other marble varieties.


There’s really no difference between these stones in terms of porosity. Marble is marble, and one type doesn’t vary much from another when it comes to staining. Nobody would call marble low-maintenance: Since it’s not very acid-resistant, the surface must be sealed—and regularly resealed—to prevent it from becoming stained by substances such as red wine, lemon juice, and tomato sauce.


Since each piece is unique, you’ll probably want to look at the actual slabs before you decide. A trip to the showroom or a local marble yard will allow you to compare the colors and patterns in the pieces on display, and find one that fits your taste and preferences and your planned color scheme.

However, it’s not that easy to shop around,  because most places might have only three slabs to show you.  His company will send photographs of available marbles to show customers what’s available.

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