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Advantages of Choosing Katni Marble from Kishangarh

ADVANTAGES OF CHOOSING KATNI MARBLE FROM KISHANGARH: Katni Marble by Bhandari marble group is an Indian Beige Marble which looks like Italian Beige Marble but is available at very reasonable Prices. This is one of the most demanded marble around the World. Katni Marble can be...
Bhandari Marble Group


Beautiful Marble floor designs By BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP  MARBLE Design There are gazillions of home with beautiful Marble Flooring Design | Stunning Marble slabs and Tiles Price |BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Need Beautiful yet Practical flooring Solutions? Check Out our Range of Long...

Statuario Marble – Bhandari Marble Group

Statuario Marble  –    BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Statuario Marble is a white marble from Italy. Statuario Italian Marble  is one of the most beautiful white marble available at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Kishangarh Rajasthan India. Statuario Italian Marble this  marble is extracted...
Agaria White Marble


AGARIA WHITE MARBLE|BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP Agaria White Marble is an Indian Marble. Agaria White Marble is mined in Rajasthan. Agaria White Marble is used for building construction, Residential and also for commercial projects. This white marble is used for interior and exterior...
Best Marble


BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP – BEST MARBLE, BEST GRANITE AND BEST STONE BEST MARBLE Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of re-crystallized, carbonate minerals most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology the term...

Marble, Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Sandstone, Granite and Other Natural Stone

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP We have our own mines of Indian Marble like white Makrana marble and stones.Our product range includes Indian Marble, Imported Marble, Granite range and multi coloured sand stones Bhandari marble group Nature of Business – Manufacturer, Wholesaler,...
primary firm


PRIMARY FIRM – BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP SINCE 1631 Our primary Firm  BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP has proudly served over 387  years in the industry of Civil Construction. During this glorious quarter of a century we have successfully  completed several government as well as private projects...
indian- italian marble

Best Quality Italian and India Marble

BEST QUALITY ITALIAN MARBLE & BEST QUALITY INDIAN MARBLE – BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP What’s the most expensive marble? In Italian marble the White Statuario marble of Carrara is one of the most precious marbles in the world and in Indian marble Makrana White marble...

Italian Marble – Perlato Marble

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Perlato Marble Perlato Marble Perlato Marble is an Italian Marble. The marble is beige colored marble with straight and crossed vein pattern. This is one of the most popular and inexpensive Italian marble available in India. The marble is also called as...
how to export

How to export Marble from INDIA to other country

How to export Marble from INDIA to other country – Bhandari Marble Group Profits, Steps and Procedure For both residential and commercial construction, marble and granite are two of the most widely used types of stone in the construction industry. The ruggedness and natural...
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