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Types of Best Italian Marble- Statuario, Carrara and Calacatta


Types of BEST ITALIAN Marble
If you’re looking into a remodel or finishing a new home, the number of choices for every little detail can be enough to make any sane person’s eyes cross — especially in cases like these where the differences between two choices can be incredibly subtle. This is what we lovingly refer to as option paralysis. With so many options to choose from and such minute differences between them, it becomes difficult to make any decision at all.

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In the case of Carrara and Calacatta marble, the differences between the two are pretty subtle and can be incredibly difficult to tell apart if the two examples aren’t literally sitting side by side. With the two choices being so similar, it might be surprising why Calacatta tends to be so much more expensive than Carrara.

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Statuario marble is a striking and exclusive bright white natural marble, its beautiful grey veining, and its rich, bold patterns. It is arguably the most white marble in the marble World. Statuario marble often contains heavy grey veining throughout with unique and beautiful patterns. Statuario marble from the mountain quarries of Statuario, above Carrara in Italy. We are one of the leading manufacturer, suppliers, and exporter of the statuario marble in all around the world, and its limited availability, coupled with its high demand, make it a real statement in any home, villa, hotel, hospital, and residential or commercial projects.

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Named after the region in Northern Italy where it comes from, Carrara is often what first comes to mind for people when thinking about Italian marble. Carrara marble features a very light grey background with darker contrasting grey to blue-grey veining across it. The grey figuring tends to display in a lighter, almost feathery streaks.

Of course, being a natural material, these variations can vary from piece to piece. Some feature wider or more defined veins, giving installers some interesting options in having the grains and veins run together to create some striking patterns.

Adding to the confusion between the two, Calacatta is even quarried from the same region of Italy. The most distinct difference of Calacatta is its brighter white field and more dramatic veining. The streaks also feature more color variation than Carrara, ranging from dark grey to brown and gold.

This figurine stands against the white background with more of stark contrast, often making for a dramatic escape across the surface. This vivid streaking across the more “pure” white backdrop is often considered more desirable, though an overly busy example might not work for everyone.


Given its prestige status, statuario marble is unsurprisingly commonly used as a focal point of any Building. Most of our clients use it for stunning Flooring, Elevation, Decoration and countertops, and backsplashes or as large floor tiles. Luxury bathrooms are equally good uses for Statuario marble as it’s the perfect material for a vanity area or even as eye-catching flooring. Statuario marble is not a good material for external projects. It’s equally popular with our hotel clients where it can be used as part of a statement reception area or boardroom, in 5-star hotels and can often be seen in religious buildings such as temples and churches. In ancient Istatuario marble was the marble of choice for carving lavish statues and was the stone used for Michelangelo’s famous ‘David’ masterpiece.

Why is Calacatta so much more expensive?
Calacatta is less abundant than Carrara, and many perceive the whiter field to be more high end than the less dramatic Carrara. Prices before installation for Carrara tend to sit in the $75-$100 per square foot range on average, while Calacatta can be upwards for $250. Of course, these prices can vary by supplier and on a piece by piece basis, so it really comes down to the individual slab

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