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Marble is known to be a luxurious natural stone that never goes out of beauty and style. There is big demand and consumption of marble slabs and pre-polished ready-to-fix marble products in India. Bhandari Marble Group has rich marble deposits in the states of Kishangarh,  Rajasthan, which accounts for the huge production of marble in India.


Indian marble is a gorgeous rock formed by compacted materials inside the Earth. It is available in different varieties, vein patterns, and colors, such as white, yellow, beige, green, black, and brown. One can experiment with different types of marble to create designs by combining marble slabs or tiles of different colors, shapes, and patterns.


Italian Marble flooring for your dream home, Italian marble flooring gives a rich feel & adds value to your property. India’s topmost awarded luxurious homes are made with Italian marble. Some of the best Italian marbles are Carrara marble, Statuario marble, Botticino, etc. Italian Marble has always been and continues to be one of the most valuable additions to the home.


From sleek marble countertops to cool marble flooring, there is something about the Wonder White that speaks of elegance and value. If you are interested in adding marble to your home but are overwhelmed with the options, the Wonder White marble guide might be a good place to start.


Calacatta marble typically in a solid color of white-grey. It’s a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, or bathroom walls. Calacatta marble is unique because the veins are thin and feathery. Calacatta marble makes for one of the most popular types of marble Countertops that you find in any modern kitchen.


Statuario marble is A slightly darker type of white marble, this one is also quarried in Italy. It is known by the sharp, dark grey veins that dart across the light grey background. It is known Statuario because it is the type of marble that was so highly sought after by sculptors interested in carving. It is a best choice for countertops or tiles.


With high luster and a crystal-like appearance, Onyx marbles can add a dreamy touch to your home. They are much more delicate and porous than their Indian counterparts. Since the Onyx marbles is a very soft stone, it is used to give homes a luxurious touch. People use it mostly as a decorative feature in the nooks and corners of the house. Onyx marbles generally avoid using it on kitchen countertops as it is more prone to staining.


Green Marble is characterized by its medium luster and durability. Green Marble is durable and sturdy and is a recommended choice for floors, bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, and other tabletops. Always keep in mind to use a mild detergent-based floor cleaner or the one that is specially designed for Green Marble. Green Marble flooring can be susceptible to hairline fractures over time, so you have to be extra careful with them. Make sure not to drag any heavy objects over them or place any extremely heavy appliance on them directly. Green Marble can also lose their shine over time. So, at regular intervals, marbles need to be polished and sealed periodically to create a protective barrier against staining and scratching


The most common type of black marble that most homeowners choose for their homes is the Nero Marquina. This solid black stone has streaks of white veins across it, although some Nero Marquina can be polished to be solid black. Originating from Basque, this is a highly sought-after color and kind of marble.      


Red marble can fill a space with strength and energy. This marble is defined by shades of red, orange, and reddish brownstone. Most have patterns or designs of white veining along with them, while others are just solid red. These are a few of the best options that you can use as part of your renovation project.


Brown marble is an excellent color to decorate with due to its versatility. Brown marble comes in all patterns and hues that brown has to offer. Brown can simultaneously be safe and adventurous, giving guests something different to experience each time they see it. It is best installed in well-lit areas, or else the brown may appear too dark and completely overshadow the design of the room.


Bhandari Marble Group is recognized as distinguished Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters. We have all kinds of Indian Marble, Italian marble Makrana Marble, Onyx marble, Italian marble flooring, statuario marble, Indian Marble, Sandston, and White Marble. The Company has inherited a legacy of discipline, dedication, customer-focused approach while maintaining the premium quality of the work. We always provide the best quality of marble.


S.No.Name of MarblePrice per sq. feet in Indian RupeesPrice per sq. mtr in US Dollars
1.Bijolia StonePrice Start From Rs.100/- and AbovePrice Start From $16.13 and Above
2.Burberry BlackPrice Start From Rs.75/- and AbovePrice Start From $12.09 and Above
3.Dark Green MarblePrice Start From Rs.50/- and AbovePrice Start From $8.06 and Above
4.Fire RedPrice Start From Rs.125/- and AbovePrice Start From $20.16 and Above
5.Flawless WhitePrice Start From Rs.250/- and AbovePrice Start From $40.32 and Above
6.Golden BlackPrice Start From Rs.150/- and AbovePrice Start From $24.19 and Above
7.Golden MarblePrice Start From Rs.50/- and AbovePrice Start From $8.06 and Above
8.Indian Levanto MarblePrice Start From Rs.150/- and AbovePrice Start From $24.19 and Above
9.Lady Pink OnyxPrice Start From Rs.75/- and AbovePrice Start From $12.09 and Above
10.Light Green MarblePrice Start From Rs.35/- and AbovePrice Start From $5.64 and Above
11.Marble Tiles1Price Start From Rs.15/- and AbovePrice Start From $2.42 and Above
12.Marble Tiles2Price Start From Rs.15/- and AbovePrice Start From $2.42 and Above
13.Marble Tiles3Price Start From Rs.15/- and AbovePrice Start From $2.42 and Above
14.Milky WhitePrice Start From Rs.35/- and AbovePrice Start From $5.64 and Above


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About the Author Hi, I am D.C. Bhandari, chairman of Bhandari Marble Group living in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. I love seeing the new and creative ways people use our Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone. Our customers are so creative. My favorite design style preppy traditional mix with modern especially pieces that can be found at a vintage or antique stone. I like to invent travel, search, experiment with natural stone products. For more posts visit our website.

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