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In terms of white marble, we are proud to have our ancestors associated with the building of the Taj Mahal with Makrana White. Most white marbles have a minimum amount of impurities, it is very unique and no two slabs or pieces of the same variety could be exactly identical even when extracted from the same block or quarried from the same mine/quarry.

Fine architecture across the world is built by white marbles. Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, etc. are all examples of such white marble wonders.

Today, our white marble can also be spotted in Gurudwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib Rishikesh, Jain Temple, Birla Temple, Hotels such as JW Marriot, Leela Palace, etc.

Some of the best  Selling White Marbles:

  • JHANJHER WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 30-50 per sq. ft.)
  • WONDER WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 30-50 per sq. ft.)
  • MORWAD WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 50-75 per sq. ft.)
  • AGARIA WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 50-75 per sq. ft.)
  • AMBAJI WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 75-100 per sq. ft.)
  • BANSWARA WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 75-100 per sq. ft.)
  • PRECIOUS WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 75-100 per sq. ft.)
  • VIETNAM WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 150-350 per sq. ft.)
  • FLAWLESS WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 350-500 per sq. ft.)
  • MAKRANA WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 500-750 per sq. ft.)
  • CALCATTA WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 750-1000 per sq. ft.)
  • STATUARIO/ CARARRA WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 1000-3000 per sq. ft.)
  • THASOSS WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 3000-3500 per sq. ft.)
  • ONYX WHITE MARBLE (Price: Rupees 3500-5000 per sq. ft.)

Our Exclusive Product – Wonder White Marble:

The greatest truth behind designing awe-inspiring interiors resides in the abundant use of white marbles like Flawless white to bring out the sheer beauty. The colour white commands respect and adoration and shiny plain white marble floors do more than that. The amazing naturally unique designs in the marble stand out upon polishing and create interiors worth admiration. It also leaves designing options open and a scope for other colours to make a difference in the interiors. Everything you want your interiors to say for you, the white floors are like an empty paper just waiting for the ink.

Bhandari Marble Group is among the top wholesalers of Makrana White, Wonder white marble and all other types of marble, granite and precious stone. All queries are welcome.

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